Brass components and fittings for fluid system


Brass fittings and components for fluid system - production to customers drawings


Brass nuts, components and fittings

Technical office

Theonilde s.r.l. offers its customers a range of services and guaranteed on-going commitment in order to remain competitive on increasingly demanding international markets.


As well as the constant update of its production plants, Theonilde s.r.l. also dedicates particular attention to the technical and design aspects of production. In order to strengthen its plant, resources and technology have been concentrated within its structured technical office that is equipped with the most sophisticated quality control equipment with optical measurement machines that are based on the Mitutoyo software.


Theonilde s.r.l. has its own prototyping department in which it designs products from indications or technical specifications supplied by the customer, using prototyping machines produced by Objet, an Israeli company, that allow the production process to be followed from the initial stages, creating, when necessary, three-dimensional resin prototypes that correspond perfectly to the finished product.


In this way, control tests can be carried out to eliminate specific problems that could otherwise arise during the production process.


Theonilde sas - Technical office: machinery to detect optical measurement

machinery to detect optical measurement

Theonilde sas - technical drawing department - click to enlarge

Theonilde sas - software for statistical - click to enlarge

technical drawing department

software for statistical

Theonilde sas - microscope vision - click to enlarge

Theonilde sas - prototipatrice objet - click to enlarge

microscope vision

prototipatrice objet






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